Results Highlights

  • Since 2018, we’ve helped dozens of companies add an extra $100,000 to $1M+ to their bottom line through our ROI-focused digital marketing services.

  • When using paid ads in addition to the emails, we normally see a 5X to 12X return on ad spend (ROAS).

  • The average webinar campaign does 1,220% better than their previous marketing efforts, over a 6-month measurement period.

  • With webinars, we see close rates increase up to 100% and sales cycles decrease up to 50% with the majority of our clients.

  • 10 of our clients have made an extra $1M - $3M in gross profit per year through our services, and 30 others have made an extra six figures.

Client Case Studies

Brad’s Investment Consulting: 318 Inbound Calls

12 Months. 3,004 Registrants. 318 High-Value Calls. $1.6M New Revenue.

Brad’s journey with Be Known transformed his investment consulting firm. By integrating webinars into their marketing strategy, we’ve generated hundreds of high-intent leads every quarter, which has also doubled his team’s close rate. Over 12 months, Brad’s webinars attracted 3,004 registrants at a cost of $3 to $7 per, leading to 318 highly qualified booked calls on his team’s calendars. Selling services ranging from $3,000 to $25,000, Brad’s firm saw an extraordinary increase in revenue – an additional $1.6 million attributed from these webinars in just 12 months.

Michelle’s Sales Training: $1.7M in 18 Months Through Virtual Events

Launching Products with Impact: $52K in a Weekend & $1.7M In 18 Months

Michelle’s sales training company skyrocketed to success with our strategic use of virtual events. Leveraging her existing email list and social media following, we promoted a new webinar to these audiences followed by a targeted email campaign. The result: a staggering 250 sales of her product over a single weekend. Over the following 18 months, we helped add ~1.7 million dollars into her business, all thanks to the power of well-executed webinars & virtual events.

Dan’s Dog Training Business: 320+ New Customers​

10,500 Registrants. 328 New Customers.

We got connected with his business during a time when they were struggling to get a better ROI from their marketing. Over the past 12 months, we’ve helped his business get back on track by focusing on what works – webinars. One of our most successful campaigns brought in 10,500 high-intent webinar registrants over 60 days at a cost of $2.82 per, which resulted in 328 new customers for his business. This turnaround was not just about numbers; it was about strategically using webinars to reinvigorate the business and steer it back to profitable growth.

Exceptional ROI from Email List Campaigns: 1,220% Improvement

Maximizing Returns with Virtual Events - Up To A 12X

Our approach to virtual event campaigns consistently outperforms other marketing efforts. When we supplement these campaigns with paid ads in addition to emails & social media posts, the results are even more impressive for clients: between a 5X - 12X return quarterly.

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Understand ROI

Be Known is your trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of the digital marketing landscape. Our mission is to restore companies trust in digital marketing - empowering entrepreneurs like you to not just exist online but to "be known", recognized, and valued.

Be Known is a Tennessee-based marketing firm that has been revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape since 2018. Over the years, we’ve helped dozens of companies add an extra $100,000 to $1MM+ to their bottom line with high impact webinars.

Our philosophy is simple: we believe the goal of marketing is to make more money.

Daniel Pope - Founder & CEO of Be Known, LLC

We love what our Clients are saying.

 "I Would Have nothing...Without Them!"
 "Well over 6 Figures In 6 months!"
 "The Best Team I've Ever Worked With!"

We love what our People Write About Us.

Check Out Some Other Client Successes.

With over $1,700,000 in revenue made directly from our help over the past 24 months, this client is a very happy camper.

She started selling training CD's for her coaching business and now she has 4 main online courses & coaching programs making her consistent and predictable revenue each month.

She went from near zero to $1M in just 18 months...and now we plan to take her to $10M+ in the next 2 years.

One of our clients recently completed a launch of her new online course...making her more than she ever made in a just two months.

She took in over 1,650 new students in the span of two months over the past Holiday. 

During this launch, she brought in over $100,000 with a subscription product billed monthly. (Reoccurs every month).

This passionate client decided to focus on her "One Thing" amazing online course that teaches other women how to absolutely transform their life by starting a business they believe in.

In just a couple weeks, she launched and made over $100,000...more than she made the last two years combined. Wow!

This client sold an online course teaching students how to study more effectively and make better grades in college.

This was one of our most passionate clients and as you can see from the image, the online course made over $109,000 in less than 5 months!

With more than 260 students who are now conquering their study habits, this course is changing lives on a daily basis!

Another client of ours recently did over $70, less than one month.

She was able to use the power of online advertising (don't worry, we'll take care of all that) to sell her online course teaching people how to automate their business.

Better yet, as you can see from the image, she saw a 200% increase in revenue over last month. Way to go!

This is a screenshot from a new coaching program launch we did. This client created a 21-day challenge and we then promoted it to her email list and ran ads across FB & IG.

Over the two week launch period, she took in over $37,000 with 623 new clients eager to take part in the Challenge! But the best part...a healthy portion of those same people then ascended to purchase higher-priced programs over the next months.

She was incredibly happy with our results!

Who says you can't grow during a pandemic?!

With our help, this client grew her coaching business another $109,000 during May of 2020. 

We were taking care of the advertising, funnels, and email marketing while she handled the content creation and being the BOSS!

In January of 2020, our client hit her biggest month EVER! We were so proud of her that we did a little dance on Zoom with her (seriously!).

The biggest contributor to that month's success was her introducing a new online trainingcourse to kick off the year, the January Jumpstart.

Now she's on track to hit $1MM lifetime in Q3 2020!

This particular client was one of our most favorite to work with. He and his wife are parenting & baby sleep coaches.

He came to us in need of someone to help him get registrants for his webinar.

...So we got him over 8,200 new registrants/leads in four months at the lowest costs we've ever seen using FB Ads.

You may have heard us talk about one of our clients that sold CD's. Well, after we helped her create an online training course that skyrocketed her revenue, we turned our focus back to the CD's.

We turned up the advertising power and sold over 5,200 CD's to new and existing clients in her audience.

This led to an extra $72,379 in revenue over 12 months!

For our friends across the pond, this one's for you.

We helped one of our clients over in the UK to grow his online coaching sales from around $8,000 to over $50,000 in just a few months!


We redesigned his sales funnels, put in email marketing sequences, and started crushing it with FB and YT advertising!

A passionate client came to us with the idea of courses & coaching programs that didn't require more of her 1:1 time with clients. We said, "No Problem, Let's Do It!".

So she got to work creating the course while we worked on the marketing strategy, built the sales funnels, wrote email sequences, and created many different advertising campaigns.

We hit the proverbial launch button...and she made just shy of $52,000 at 80% profit margins in two weeks! #winning


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